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We're excited to introduce The Philippine Star Education Program, READISCOVER, a transformative initiative aimed at enlightening young minds and nurturing informed, empathetic citizens. Exclusively available to educational institutions, READISCOVER utilizes e-newspapers as a unique learning tool. In today's digital age, while news is readily accessible, algorithms and clickbait often trap readers in bias-affirming echo chambers. Consequently, crucial national issues get overshadowed. READISCOVER aims to counteract this, promoting broader awareness and open-mindedness.

With this program, we aim to encourage students to adopt a regular news-reading habit and reap the full benefits it offers:

Improved Reading and Comprehension Skills : Reading detailed news articles boosts vocabulary, focus, and understanding, aiding in better retention of stories and topics.

Creating Informed Citizens with Empathy: By reading newspapers, students become well-informed citizens with a deeper understanding of and empathy for the global community, fostering a sense of responsibility.

Enriching Engagement Opportunities: The Philippine Star offers workshops on media literacy, creative writing, and media production, along with contests for students and teachers. These initiatives are crafted to boost students' media understanding, skills, and creativity.

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