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NelCanto Entertainment "Maria Makiling"


In a celestial abode above the clouds lived Maria, the daughter of Bathala, possessing ethereal beauty and grace. Drawn to the human world, she descended to Mount Makiling, crafting a bamboo castle and mingling with the forest's creatures. Maria, displaying benevolence, aided villagers in miraculous ways. Her encounter with Juan, a farmer, blossomed into love. However, circumstances forced Juan into an arranged marriage, leading to Maria's heartbreak. Desperate, she attempted to enchant Juan into immortality but, in a moment of realization, thwarted her own plan. Heartbroken, Maria ascended to the clouds, reconciling with Bathala. In return for her sacrifice, Maria became the guardian spirit of Mount Makiling, vowing dire consequences for anyone who harmed the sacred mountain. She now rests atop the summit, awaiting the fulfillment of her divine promise.

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