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In 2066, the Philippines is engulfed in a Civil War fueled by the oppressive regime of Lord Master and the Katataastaasan group. Opposing them is a movement championed by Ino, his friends, and their peace-driven ideology passed down from Ino's mother, Makata. Amid the conflict, Aria, a humanitarian, becomes intertwined with Ino's cause and life, forming a bond that evolves into love. Yet, tragedy strikes when Ino is captured, leading Aria towards a new relationship with Bai, Ino's close friend. Upon Ino's return, he finds Aria and Bai together, accepting their union out of love and respect. However, as a new battle ensues, Bai is killed, leaving Aria heartbroken. Despite their complicated past, Aria and Ino don't reunite, marking the end of their love story but the beginning of a larger battle for freedom.

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